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My Vision 

I would like to invite you to join our Creative Community. 

By clicking to join, it means that I can send you a Newsletter.    You'll be the first to hear about new workshops, new products, events and special offers.

And on occasions,

I'd love to share some awesome DIY crafts for you to try at home, without expensive resources.  

I promise not to bombard you! Come on Join the Creative Community.


The story so far......

Since starting in February 2022 with just 4 workshops.  We know have an exciting range of more than 20 different hand selected workshops.  Each one is adaptable for beginners and for the experienced crafter.  Our workshops offer a chance to gather, connect and create.  All resources are included (with one exception, being the Lampshade Making with your own fabric).  The workshops are an experience. A chance to chat, to learn new skills, to make something new.  A time to play! A time for you!

I'd like to thank all those who have joined me for far.  I have really enjoyed spending time with you and having a play and I thank you for coming back time and again. 

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