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Schedule of Workshops & Courses


Monday 19th 10am - Watercolour Hydrangea Workshop (Wheathampstead)


Thursday 5th 10am - Polymer Clay Bead Making Workshop (Wheathampstead)

Friday 6th 10am - Recycled T-Shirt Necklace Workshop (Wheathampstead)

Tuesday 10th 10am - 5 Week Watercolour & Ink Doodle Course (Wheathampstead)

Wednesday 11th 10am - Needle Felting Mushroom Picture (Hosted in Fashion n Fabrics, St Albans)

Friday 13th 10am -  4 Week Botanical Mono Printing Course (Wheathampstead)

Monday 16th All Day Mono Printing (Hosted in Southern Malting, Ware)

Wednesday 18th 10am - Lampshade Making Workshop (Hosted in Fashion n Fabrics, St Albans)

Monday 23rd 10am - Needle Felting Pumpkins (Hosted in Southern Maltings, Ware)

Monday 30th - 10am - 4 Week Needle Felting Course (Wheathampstead)


Tuesday 15th 10am - Lino Printing (Wheathampstead)

Friday 25th 10am - Needle Felted Christmas Bauble Workshop (Wheathampstead)


Monday 4th November - Wet Felting Fingerless Glove Workshop (Wheathampstead)

Monday 11th 10am - Watercolour Christmas Cards (Wheathampstead)

Friday 15th 7pm - Wet Felt Fingerless Gloves Workshop (Wheathampstead)

Monday 18th 10am - Watercolour Christmas Cards (Hosted in Southern Malting, Ware)

Tuesday 19th 10am - Needle Felted Bauble Workshop (Wheathamsptead)

Friday 12th 7.30pm - Watercolour Christmas Cards (Wheathampstead)

Monday 25th 10am - Needle Felted Christmas Bauble Workshop (Hosted in Southern Maltings, Ware))


Monday 2nd 10am - Wet Felted Fingerless Gloves Workshop (Wheathampstead)

Fresh Christmas Wreath Making - Dates available end November and December - please get in touch

We offer a friendly place to gather, connect and create.

Please come alone, with a friend or family member. Group bookings also available.

If these dates do not work for you, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Schedule: Schedule
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